About Tennis

Tennis has been called as the “sport for a lifetime”. It is a very popular sport across the globe and is played by people of all ages. Avid tennis players have long believed that tennis may be the perfect sport that will not only help you to live longer but also improve the quality of your life.

Tennis can be played as both a sport or as a recreational activity with friends and family. Either way, playing tennis is a good to maintain your health, fitness, strength and agility. Whether you play with your best friend once a week, in a weekend league or with your family, tennis provides a time-efficient, enjoyable way to get in shape and keep up with the people in your life and community.

There is no wonder that scientists and physicians world-wide view tennis as the most healthful activity to participate in. Other sports, undoubtedly, provide excellent health benefits, as well as stimulate mental and emotional growth. But no other sport received such acclaim for its great benefits; physically, mentally and emotionally. Here are some benefits to get you started.

Physical Benefits:
Increases Cardiovascular fitness:It helps in burning fat and improving your cardiovascular fitness and maintaining higher energy levels. Since it is a high intensity sport, it helps your heart to pump the blood more efficiently.

Increases Body Strength:
It is also a very high impact sport which involves a lot of exertion and movement. This increases your hand and leg strength. The high impact nature of the sport results in stronger bones and toned muscles.

Increases general body coordination:It is indeed a sport that involves the entire body coordination. You have to move into position and then adjust your upper body and feet, and transfer body weight to hit the ball successfully. This increases your reflexes and gives you the ability to accelerate quickly.

Increases Flexibility:
It involves a constant movement which results in making your body more flexible and more stretchable.
Extremely good for weight loss:This sport is perfect for someone who is tired to go to the gym and wants to try something different. Men can burn up to 560 calories an hour, women up to 420 calories an hour.
Mental benefits

Develops Discipline:
You cannot practice tennis once a month; you have to practice regularly. This makes you more disciplined in your approach towards the game.
Plan and implement strategies:Tennis is all about reading the opponent’s next move. You will learn how to anticipate an opponent’s moves and plan your countermoves. This will help you in your day-to-day life too.
Emotional benefits

Learn Sportsmanship:
Tennis teaches you to compete fairly with opponents. It will teach you values such as teamwork, friendship, competitiveness etc.

Develop Social Skills:
Tennis is a community game; No wonder there are many tennis club around. You will meet a lot of people through interaction and communication at the court. This will develop your social skills and increase your confidence

Accommodate stress effectively Tennis is a game that will help you fight the physical, mental and emotional stress. The game teaches you how to handle stress effectively. On the other hand, it is also a stress buster.

One of the greatest aspects of tennis is that playing it can be fun. True, it can be challenging, especially if you’re just learning, but it is also a sport in which lessons, practice and persistence pay off quickly. Tennis offers a great diversion from life’s stresses as well as a great opportunity to socialize, particularly if you join a local tennis league or club or frequent public courts. Tennis is invigorating and once you get the hang of it, tremendously satisfying.