About Us

Ace Tennis Academy
Where tennis is not just a sport, it is a religion.
Covered tennis academy with Residential Facility on campus.
Tennis Academy In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IND

Welcome To Ace Tennis Academy

Ace aims to train kids to play and win Grand Slams.

The academy provides a positive & peaceful atmosphere to the players to be able to concentrate on the game and remain focused.

Benefits Of Tennis:

  • It’s an individual sport, that keeps you happy, full of energy & reinvigorates mind & body throughout the day
  • Shapes person’s character, builds self confidence, self belief, patience, decision making, discipline, and fair play
  • Improves mind & body coordination
  • An anaerobic workout, which helps burn fats even after workout
  • Gives cardio boost for better blood circulation throughout the body
  • Improves strategic & logical thinking, which helps in other aspects of life also
  • Improves & sharpens reflexes to better judge & foresee situations


Where tennis is not just a sport; its a religion

Open 24×7, For All Seasons

Residential Facilities

Covered Courts

Ball Pickers Available Throughout The Practice

Positive Atmosphere Promoting Healthy Competition

We develop strong tennis players, but more importantly strong & better individuals

We create winners at all ages, beginners to champions in tennis & in life

Ace Trainees proudly say: “Coach, you didn’t just teach how to play tennis, but you taught us how to win matches too.”

This Academy is the brainchild of Mr. Pramesh Modi, who lives with a dream of seeing a Grand Slam Player from this Academy. He spearheaded the tennis revolution in Gujarat and has been a mentor to many and the coach of all coaches in Gujarat. For him, there is only one religion, tennis.

Dmitrii Baskov is an ATP and Davis Cup player who represents Moldova on the Tour. He has trained many international students and is the favourite hitting partner of top players. He now dedicates all his time devising new techniques and schemes for coaching and coaches our students and also guides the coaches to become better.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons have Maximum Four Players on a Court in a Session. PERSONALIZED  attention and flexibility of timings.

Personal Lessons (one to one)

This Program enables players to achieve their Dreams, conquer the Goals. Here we give maximum playing time of one to one training and also regular Group sessions, Fitness Training, Diet Consultancy, Mental Training Sessions.We have a Dream, if you have a dream too, we help fulfill your dream here with this program

More Playing Time

Ace Tennis Academy has controlled on enrolling students, this is done so that the students enrolled get more time on court, they can hit more Balls a day, players can get more personal attention, Ace Tennis Academy has Ball pickers to save time of students in picking up balls. Flexibility of timings and Academy is 24 x 7 open with Residential Facility and covered Academy.

Residential Facilities

The Residential Facilities on Campus in Ace Tennis Academy(Covered Academy) Shilaj Ahmedabad is a special feature which is one of its kind. For Day boarding Players and Out Station Players Ace has 2 Air Conditioned Rooms, 2 Non A/C rooms, on campus round the clock kitchen facility, providing Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner – ( only Vegetarian). In house Facility of Fitness Trainer, Mental Trainer, Diet Consultant, Physio and Yoga Trainer.

Fitness Sessions

The Fitness Sessions at Ace Tennis Academy are very precise, personalized and need based.
Everyday On court Tennis Specific Fitness Workouts,
Fitness sessions with Trainer for Building Strength, Endurance, Power and flexibility.
Weekends Fitness sessions are very intense for higher level performance.

Travel with player in world tournaments

We always travel with our players to boost their morale, keep them focused and also uplift their spirits while training them both, physically and mentally. We have had numerous travel stories and beautiful memories together. All our players have learnt how to become better people and responsible travelers while traveling for tournaments.

Tailor-made Programs

Ace Tennis Academy considers every player is different and needs special personalized attention.
With this policy Director of Academy designs a special program as per the need of every player to bring out the best out of player.
One coach is designated to train, designed for more hitting time, one to one lessons, Group Lessons, Hitting Sessions and set Practice. Everything is taken into consideration to design a Program.

Video Analysis

Video Analysis is important in Modern Tennis Training.

Video Analysis is carried out at regular intervals for correcting players and also Video Analysis is done during the match play.


Pramesh Modi the Director of Ace Tennis Academy is the most trusted name for Gujarat Tennis.
More than 35 years of Tennis Coaching experience, Mr. Modi is the Senior most active coach in Gujarat with International coaching Exposure.
The Mentor of hundreds of International Players, mentor of most of the coaches of Gujarat.
The person is instrumental for bringing Tennis revolution in Gujarat. Popularizing tennis in Gujarat and making it available to common people. The Coach of more than 20000 players and the proud founder and owner of First Covered Tennis Academy with Residential Facility of India.


Ace Tennis Academy Since 1998

1998 – 2003 – More than 24 Tennis Courts in Gujarat
Ace was for 4 years at spaces in Ahmedabad at St. Xaviers School, Xaviers College, LD Arts College, Shahibaug, Behind Karnavati Club,
Also started counts/academy at Nadiad, Surat, Baroda
Ace was also training at Bhuj, Daman, Mumbai, Junagadh, Jamnagar
2014 – 2015 at Nairobi, Kenya for 2 years

Ace Tennis Academy between 1998 to 2010

Learning from the Master Shri Akhtar Ali, Ace always keeps learning. 1998 to 2007 Ace conducted 13 Akhtar Ali camps.


Ace Tennis Academy is proud to be first & only covered tennis academy of India with on campus Residential Facility operating 24 x 7.

Now in 2020 Class Academy with Mission of making World Class players, Covered courts, less players more playing time.

Positive atmosphere, personalized training, World class training facilities.


Personalized attention, World class coaching, peaceful positive atmosphere, Flexibility of Timings, Covered Courts and also open Clay & Synthetic courts options, with more on court playing time, Ball pickers, Residential Facilities, Fitness, Yoga, Physio etc everything under one roof is Great Fun for Kids and blessings for Parents.


Home away from Home for Local & Outstation Players. Good, Hygienic accommodation facilities at Academy Campus. Safe and Secured with all the safety measures being taken like Sanitizing regularly and nutritious food Balanced Diet for Players.


Director of Academy The Senior most active Tennis Coach in Gujarat and one of the most experienced coach in India, has the International Exposure and World Class Training Knowledge.
Having Invited Spanish Coach for Short Camp and Russian Coach for Long Duration Coaching which has given Modern Tennis Training Methods knowledge to our Coaches.


Director of Academy has a Mission. Mission to have World Class Tennis Players from Ace Tennis Academy.
To accomplish this Mission less players are enrolled and at regular intervals World Class Coaches are invited here.
A Road Map is designed for every player and the training program for Physical, Technical, Tactical, Mental aspects of Tennis is made.