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Ace Tennis Academy is 22 years young Academy with Founder and Director of Academy Pramesh Modi has Teaching Tennis Experience of more than 35 years. He is the Senior Most Active Tennis Coach In Gujarat.
Tennis is Passion, Love, Religion for Mr. Modi
Its out of Mission and Love that this Academy is Built.
Go to Google Reviews to know what players and Parents have to say. Also go through few Testimonials here.

“Pramesh sir is like God to me. Whatever I am today it won’t be possible without him. I am successful in my tannins career all because of his blessing and support.”

Renowned coach Mumbai

Gitesh Awasthi

“It is very difficult to annote Sir’s contribution to my career of tennis, who has made me achieve the top most goal of my life. he has be born in disguise, sent for me by the almighty.”

Vaidik Munshaw

“Home away home it is for me. Never really felt the absence of my parents after being a part of this academy under the guidance of Pramesh Sir along with other coaches the care”


” ACE tennis academy owned by Mr. Pramesh modi, is one of the international class academy . I am a dental surgeon and have been playing at Ace tennis academy for more than 7 years. Not a single day has gone where I felt even one percent is deficit. It’s the best tennis academies I feel in the entire Gujarat.”

Jay Mehta